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About Me

I have 36 years experience of working in Quality and Manufacturing functions out of which the last 15 years were spent as a Quality Auditor.

My audits included food and pharmaceutical companies. I audited simple (repacking) to complex (multi-unit and multi-product sites); food packing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies -Solids, Liquids, Ointments, Medical Devices, Sterile Product Manufacturing companies.

Audited in India, China, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and Middle East countries, to name some of the countries visited.

In addition to audits, I have experience in Risk Management (As Regional Risk Management Process Owner); implementation of Quality Management Systems in wide range of companies; Quality Training Module Development and Imparting training; Preparing companies for ISO and HACCP certification, and as a Microbiologist in handling Microbiological Laboratories and solving microbiological problems in plants.

As a Green Belt Certified OE person, I have executed Quality and Cost improvement projects

During these 36 years of working I have got insights into Manufacturing and Quality. I consider them insights because I was able to validate and enhance my knowledge on a very wider scale as I visited more and more sites, in different businesses, cultures and countries. I want to share the INSIGHTS with the industry so that they can benefit and produce the right quality products.

I feel having taken so much from the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is now my duty to give it back.

I have listed some of the areas in which I can help the Industry.