Quality Risk Management

Quality Risk management in the Food and Pharma industry

Quality Risk management is critical in the Food and Pharma industry to mitigate potential threats such as product contamination, regulatory non-compliance, and supply chain disruptions. It safeguards consumer health, ensures product quality, and protects industry reputation, while also minimizing legal and financial liabilities.

Our Comprehensive Services in Quality Risk Management

We have the flexibility to conduct Quality Audits according to your specific needs,
whether it be onsite, remotely, or through virtual audits.

Implementing General and Quality Risk Management Programs

Tailored to your industry and specific needs, our programs encompass a wide spectrum of risks, from manufacturing to supply chain logistics.

Implementation of Risk Management Program based on ICH Q9

We adhere to international standards, including the ICH Q9 guidelines, to develop robust risk management frameworks for your organization.

Quality Risk Identification, Prioritization, and Mitigation Plans

  • Development of Risk Registers/Logs: We create meticulous records of identified risks, enabling proactive risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Risk Identification, Prioritization, and Mitigation Plans: Our experts assess risks, assign priority ratings, and formulate comprehensive mitigation plans to address each identified risk effectively.


Implementation and Certification HACCP based on ISO 22000

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a cornerstone of food safety. We help you implement HACCP systems aligned with ISO 22000 standards, ensuring the highest level of food safety.

HACCP Training

Our training programs equip your staff with the essential principles of HACCP, empowering them to contribute to a culture of food safety within your organization.

HACCP Documentation

We provide comprehensive HACCP documentation, including manuals, flow charts, decision trees, critical control points, and CCP monitoring plans, enabling you to seamlessly integrate HACCP principles into your operations.